I've been a designer in one capacity or another for over 15 years. Starting with print design doing everything from identity systems, menu designs, newspaper, magazine and book design. I was lucky enough to work at Seattle's now-defunct Rocket magazine.

Working at V-Design I wrote and designed game strategy for Nintendo Power magazine and their associated official strategy guides. This included creating maps, screenshots and movies of games that were often times not finished and giving me the distinction of having completed The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask three times to 100%.

Feeling the urge to learn more interactive and web design I left for a startup with some really smart folks but we could never really figure out what our product was. From there I went on to Publicis, Cole and Weber and other agencies doing interactive and in-store kiosk work. Doing contract work at Microsoft revitalized my interest in product design and I joined Xbox as a UX designer.

In my time at Xbox I've had the chance to envision and ship features for Xbox on mobile, PC and console including Xbox SmartGlass, the Xbox App on Windows 10 and numerous features for console and 10-foot guidance for Universal Windows Apps. 

John Rice Resume March 10th, 2018